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Welcome to Goodies and Deals. This is where you’ll find out about freebies, discount coupons, free software, free downloads and other assorted goodies!

During my day to day activities on the net, I stumble upon and/or receive a multitude of “free offers”, ranging from gourmet candy and cell phones, to free web hosting.

As you may well know, most of what I get is usually “junk”, but a very small percentage is fairly good stuff, the latter of which I intend to pass on to you at this site.

How To Use This Site

In order to get the most out of this site, I’ve divided the various goodies into categories which are listed on the right.

Freebies - straight out, no cost “Free Stuff”, like clothing, household goods, computer software, lite versions, etc.

Discounts - reduced price items, special offers and coupon related purchases.

Deals - for those certain items that, in my opinion, scream “too good to pass up.”

You can also check the archives for stuff you may have missed.

I Need Your Help

Of course, I can not locate all of the giveaway floating out in hyper space, so if you run into something that you feel deserves to be listed here, shoot me an email with the link and any info. I’ll check it out and if it looks good, post it and give you credit for the find.

FInally, if I can make a suggestion, take a moment, bookmark this site and please check back periodically for any new “goodies” that pop up! And above all, please, tell your friends!